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Contract Packaging for over 20 years

President Jim Ricke

Addison Packaging opened it's doors in 1974 and was later purchased in in 1987 by it's current owner and President Jim Ricke.

Addison Packaging currently packages over 30 Million packages per year while maintaining a strict accuracy adherence to 2% over-pack and less than 1% under-pack. This is done using 5 high speed packaging lines and 36 state of the art electronic counters producing single count packages to high counts weighing up to 10 pounds per bag. In addition to a boxing line, hand counting and instruction sheet inserting compliments many of the packaging lines allowing Addison Packaging the flexibility to offer the most comprehensive packaging options available.

Packaging quality is further enhanced with the material and labeling options offered. Specially blended film offers high stretch and puncture resistance over standard poly bags of equal thickness. Hot stamp imprinting is one of the standard labeling process, which actually embeds the printing into the film thereby controlling smear or fading of package identification.

Addison Packaging, Inc., 752 Hawthorne Lane, West Chicago IL 60185 USA
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